Elisha second Abi Cot

Many are aware that I lost my Son Henrie .. for those who do not .. my son was born sleeping. I was lucky enough to have a cooling cot within the hospital I attended.  Some hospitals still do not have this luxury of equipment for families to spend quality time with their bereaved child.  Each year since Henrie was born I have  raised money for Abigail Footsteps,

When Henrie was Born I raised money for a Cooling Cot for Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.  Henries 1st Birthday, I raised money for Midwife Bereavement training (by doing a skydive and my daughter had her Hair cut)  So this year for my sons 2nd Birthday… I am raising money for a Cooling Cot for the Royal London Hospital who are desperate for this equipment so families have quality time to spend when their bereaved Son/Daughter.

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