Paige’s skydive challenge

On September 3rd 2017 my darling little brother was born sleeping at the bluebell suite at Medway hospital.

Abigail’s Footsteps is the wonderful charity that helped my family so much during this incredibly difficult time. Due to their hard work and donations to the hospital we were able to spend so much valuable time with little Ronnie using one of their Abi cots.

The staff at Medway hospital were incredibly supportive for my parents (and myself when I went to spend time with my brother. ) However I am deeply saddened to hear that not every parent/family, that experiences such a terrible loss like this, can receive the same level of support. Reasons being that either the midwives just do not have enough training and support to deal with bereavements like this or that the maternity departments do not have enough funding to purchase Abi cots.

Every family should be allowed access to the proper support and allowed to spend sufficient time with their child when faced with this difficult time.

Which is why on September 3rd 2020, on what would have been Ronnie’s 3rd Birthday, I will be completing a skydive in his memory. I will be falling from 12,000ft in order to raise as much money for this wonderful cause.

I ask anyone and everyone to just consider about donating to my cause and please if you are unable to donate, share my story. All Donations and sponsorship mean so much to myself and to my charity.

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