Ben London Marathon 2020

So I will be running the London Marathon in 2020! An honour and a privilege, I will be running my socks off for Abigail’s Footsteps, a charity close to mine and my family’s hearts! As most of you know, I recently became a dad to our beautiful little girl Freya. My partner Emma and I were lucky to have a fairly straight forward pregnancy but this is not the case for every family. My little brother Matthew was stillborn in 1989. My mum and dad lost a son, and my brother, Luke and I, lost a brother. Stillbirth then and now is still a taboo subject. No one wants to address the heart-breaking situation of loosing a child. Fast forward, 20 years, and my cousin and her husband also lost their daughter to stillbirth in 2009. They set up a charity called Abigail’s Footsteps to raise money to relieve the suffering of parents and their families who suffer bereavement through the death of a baby before or at birth and to advance the knowledge and expertise of healthcare professionals and others in supporting and dealing with the effects of such a death.

Please donate what you can to support this amazing charity in the hope that fewer families have to experience the heartache and loss that we have. Ben’s JustGiving Donation Page