Skydive Challenge

JUNE & SEPTEMBER DATES AVAILABLE! Set yourself this amazing challenge and raise vital funds for Abigail’s Footsteps in the process. During this incredible skydiving challenge, you’ll experience the greatest adrenaline rush! The exhilaration you’ll feel from free falling and parachuting from over two miles, can only be surpassed by knowing how much of a difference your fundraising efforts are making.

£70 – Registration fee (Paid by the participant)

£500 – Sponsorship target

(£300 due two weeks before your jump) covers the cost of your jump, including a short training and health & safety briefing on arrival at airfield and all equipment needed to complete the jump. The final £200 of your fundraising target is due 2 weeks after your jump date.

Following a thorough safety brief, you will board the plane and climb to over 13,000ft. Once strapped to your instructor, it’s time to jump! The feeling of free-falling through the sky is second to none and the stunning views as you parachute back to the ground will take your breath away. Fundraising in aid of Abigail’s Footsteps with your skydive, allows us to continue supported bereaved families.

Two dates available in June or September this year, at the Headcorn Aerodrome in Maidstone, Kent.

Saturday 22nd June booking link – CLICK HERE 

Sunday 22nd September booking link – CLICK HERE

Any queries email Becky on for more information.